Eurosensor - Your TPMS solution

Eurosensor TPMS - Your TPMS solution.
As a tire company or garage owner, it's impossible to keep all TPMS tire pressure sensors in stock. Still, you want to provide complete coverage. Autel offers a 98% coverage with two sensors, 433 MHz for the European, and 315 MHz for the American market.
Because of legislation in Europe the demand for TPMS tire pressure sensors will increase enormously in the next few years. The replacement market will also become important. The battery of a TPMS sensor has a life span of 6 to 10 years but can't be replaced. Huge amounts of TPMS sensors will therefore have to be replaced in the coming years.
Eurosensor TPMS offers the solution for you.
With the Maxi TS601 you can create virtually all TPMS sensors yourself. Both the European 433 MHz, as the American 315 MHz sensors can be programmed with this tool.
The Maxi TS601 comes with an OBD2 cable in order to read out the TPMS sensors in the car's ECU, if that is required.

There is also a convenient programming device available, the programming pad, in order to quickly and easily test, clone, copy or program TPMS sensors.
You can connect this programming pad to your own PC in order to quickly and easily program your TPMS sensors with the Autel software. Autel TPMS was designed to allow you to provide your customers with all TPMS services required, in a user-friendly and reliable manner.

There are 3 basic operations you may encounter with TPMS:
Activating/testing of TPMS sensors.
Copying/cloning of TPMS sensors.
Creating new TPMS sensors.

Now we will continue with a brief tutorial on the use of the TS 601 TPMS programming tool.

If the TPMS indicator in the car lights up,
this could imply: a low tire pressure or a defective sensor.
In order to solve the problem, follow these steps:
You take your Maxi TPMS TS601.
First you are going to activate the TPMS sensors and test them.
Turn your Maxi TPMS TS601 on and select TPMS from the main menu.
Select the car brand, model, and year of construction to enter the menu.
Activate, test, all four TPMS sensors by pointing the tool at each wheel towards the valve and pressing the "trigger" button on your device.

If the TPMS sensors are working, the information from the sensor will appear on the display.
In this case, the warning signal will light up due to a low tire pressure.
Check the information on the display to see the tire pressure and to check which tire has a low pressure.
Inflate the tire to the correct pressure and the problem is solved.

If the TPMS sensor is broken and activating, testing, does not work,
This may imply the TPMS sensor is broken or has a low battery.
In that case, replace the TPMS sensor, this can be achieved in several ways.

You can copy / clone the old TPMS sensor retaining the original iD code,
or you can program a new TPMS sensor from the database in the TS601 directly.

There are 3 methods to copy or clone a TPMS sensor with the Maxi TS601 and Autel MX sensor.

The 1st method: Use your Maxi TS601 tool to activate or test the TPMS sensor.
Do this by reading out the iD code from the TPMS sensor.
Copy or clone this information to the MX sensor.

The 2nd method can be used if the old TPMS sensor no longer shows a signal.
In this case, connect the Maxi TS601 to the car through the OBD2 and read the sensor information directly from the ECU of your car.
Disconnect the OBD2 cable from the car when the reading is complete.
Take an Autel MX sensor, and write the information to the MX sensor.

The 3rd method: Manually create a new Sensor iD with the Autel Maxi TS601, and program this into the Autel MX sensor.
Because the new sensors are programmed with the original iD numbers from the old sensor, reading is not required as long as you replace the TPMS sensors on the same location on the car.
If the original sensor battery is depleted, or the original sensors are no longer present, you can always create a new TPMS sensor with the Maxi TPMS TS601.

To create a new set of TPMS sensors, click on the TPMS function in the Maxi TPMS TS601.
Select the car brand, model and year of production in the option menu of the TS601.
Use the Auto Create feature to program 4 random iD's in the sensor.
Take an Autel MX sensor and complete the procedure to program 4 new sensors.

Because the sensors are programmed with new iD's, you will need to submit the new iD's to the car, so the car knows where each sensor is located.

Autel also has a convenient programming pad available. This lets you create sensors from your PC by simply connecting it through USB to your own PC.
It works very easy with the menu on your own PC.
You can activate sensors, program and copy in 3 steps.

Install the software on your PC.
Connect the Pad to your PC with USB,
And program the Autel MX sensor.

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